Moving Expenses

Why should I hire a professional mover?

Hiring a professional moving company provides exceptional value on a day that can otherwise be very stressful. Moving can be physically and emotionally exhausting, and careful handling of sensitive or bulky objects requires special moving skills. We strongly advise that you reach an expert for this, as you would for many of the needs of your home, such as: For plumbing and electricity.

Is moving labor the only moving cost I should expect?

The moving labor stands for most of the moving costs. However, you should also budget for packaging supplies such as moving boxes and ribbons, as well as for an additional assessment (moving insurance), if necessary. UsDirectMovers takes special precautions with sensitive or large items such as flat-screen TVs and chandeliers. These items often require a custom wooden box, which incurs an additional charge.

How accurate will the moving estimate be?

Our sales team is proud to deliver the most accurate moving estimates in the industry. Our patented sales system ensures that we work closely with each customer to fully understand their moving needs and provide an accurate moving estimate that reflects those needs.

Should I tip my mover?

As with other service industries, you might want to thank your movers for the work they did with a tip.

Is valuation necessary?

Although UsDirectMover takes all necessary precautions while doing what we do best, unexpected damage can occur, and it is important to ensure that your property is protected. We can offer our customers a rating at a very fair price as we only make a very small number of claims.